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About C# .NET Programming Language

C# (called as c sharp) is an Object Oriented Programming Language developed by Microsoft and released on JULY 2000. It is developed as a part of .NET initiative and later it was approved as a standard by EMCA and ISO . The latest  version of c# is  C#5.0. for more information about the new features of C#5.0 click here .

EMCA : European Computer Manufacturers Association.

ISO: International Organization for standardization.

'Anders Hejlsberg' leads to the development of c# language which has procedural object oriented syntax based on c++ and it also influenced by some other languages like 'JAVA' and 'DELPHI'.

Before c#, 'Anders Hejlsberg'  was involved in the design of Visual J++, Borland Delphi and Turbo Pascal languages.

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